Why to outsource your IT department ?

What are the advantages for a company to use an outsourcing company ?
IT has become the cornerstone of a company’s performance. The more a company grows, the more decisive the use of technology becomes. All company functions are concerned: logistics, human resources, accounting, sales and communication. IT management, whether for a small or large group, requires highly specialised skills. This expertise is necessary throughout the company’s life cycle, from the implementation of the IT tool to its daily life and its evolution. A real strategic choice, the question of outsourcing arises.

In this context, why outsource your IT department?

  • Reducing costs

First of all, using an outsourcing solution allows the company to benefit from all the advantages of outsourcing, in particular the saving of time and money. Indeed, it is no longer necessary to develop a service requiring additional and very expensive human resources. The dual economic and efficiency benefits thus make it possible to improve the efficiency of operational processes.

  • Better infrastructure

On the other hand, by outsourcing its IT department, the company certainly benefits from a more efficient IT infrastructure. The sub-contractor, who is highly qualified, will be able to identify the organisation’s needs and problems objectively. In this way, they can offer the most suitable, innovative and high-performance solutions.

  • Real experts at your service

Calling on an external company whose business is outsourcing allows the company to benefit from the best skills and experience in the field. In addition, this type of company usually has people who are competent in several specialities, which is more difficult to set up internally. Beyond the external and objective vision, it can bring its latest solutions from the research and development department. Its customers then benefit from the best: the latest technologies, the latest innovative tools, etc.

  • Focus on your core business

By relieving itself of this internal support service, the company saves precious time. Fewer human resources to manage and reasoned cost management offer time and budget to focus on its core business. The better distribution of resources allows the company to focus on its main objectives and to have time for new projects.

  • Optimised productivity

As IT is a key tool for all departments, by adopting the best solutions the company optimises its productivity and thus offers itself the best results. In addition to benefiting from solutions adapted to its needs, in the event of a breakdown, the subcontractor intervenes quickly and the problem is quickly resolved. Business can then resume as quickly as possible and losses are minimised.

  • Reinforced security

In the event of a disaster, the info manager takes care of the recovery of the computer but also manages the backups of potentially lost data. Thus, the company benefits from assistance in record time and can recover the data essential to maintaining or resuming its activity. On the other hand, as a specialist, the external company has the best skills to ensure security and data monitoring.

  • Benefit from significant flexibility

Despite the establishment of a contract, using an external company to manage its IT brings a very important flexibility. Indeed, the solutions are scalable and progress at the same pace as the company. The offer adapts to its needs throughout its lifecycle.

In short, outsourcing your IT service offers companies many advantages: cost reduction, time savings, increased security, flexibility, better performance and above all optimised productivity.

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