Why choose the Salicru UPS range?

The UPS is an essential element in the security of computer systems. Its purpose is to take over from the mains when there are power cuts. This link has the advantage of giving users time to save the work in progress. These devices can cope with incidents other than power cuts. They also filter and regulate the voltage. A good UPS ensures a continuous supply of electricity to appliances. It also ensures that the power is of good quality.

An inverter consists of three parts:

  • The rectifier converts the alternating current into direct current to charge the batteries and power the inverter.
  • The batteries that store the energy.
  • The inverter transforms the DC voltage sent by the rectifier or the batteries into an AC voltage. This is identical to the mains voltage.

Salicru is the undisputed leader in the Spanish and European market with its historic red inverter. The brand offers a complete range that West Info experts recommend.  Salicru’s professionalism is recognised by major companies. Among them: Alstom, Banco Sabadell, BBVA, Bouygues, Caixa Bank, Cepsa, Crédit Lyonnais, Cisco, Dow, etc.

Zoom in on three models of inverters ranging from domestic to high-end professional use.

The domestic inverter :

The SPS Home, the ideal multi-outlet solution for the office or home environment

“Salicru’s SPS HOME series UPSs boast off-line technology, are available in 650 and 850 VA powers, feature a 6-socket design and have the capacity to protect loads with active power factor correction (APFC).

All of the 6 sockets feature overvoltage protection and 3 or 4 of them have autonomy backup for power failure situations. All of them are also conveniently orientated for easy connection of power supply transformers and are shuttered for child protection. To complete the protection, they also feature RJ45 sockets to protect telephone/ADSL/Ethernet connections from overvoltages and/or electrical noise.

And to facilitate the management and control of the UPS, the USB interface incorporates the HID protocol, which allows the configuration of parameters and the closing/hibernation of the PC. There is also the option of software packages for the monitoring and orderly closing of files for Windows, Linux and Mac.”

Professional UPS:

The SPS Advance RT2 is an effective protection for entry-level servers and IT equipment.

“Salicru’s SPS ADVANCE RT2 series is a range of UPS featuring line-interactive technology with sine-wave output voltage and convertible tower/rack format, the height being only 2U for all power ratings. In addition, its output power factor of 0.9 and compatibility with APFC (active power factor correction) type loads make it the best option for any type of load that requires protection.

In terms of communications, it features an RS-232/USB interface (compatible with HID protocol) and a smart slot that can optionally hold an SNMP card, MODBUS or potential-free contacts; also available are software packages for local or virtual monitoring and management of protected devices.

And other outstanding features include: solutions for applications with long backup (by means of equipment with extra chargers and additional battery modules), swivel mount display and adapters (pedestal and lugs) for placing in tower or rack formats and programmable outputs (critical/non-critical loads) to extend the available backup.”

The SLC TWIN RT2 0-3 KVA offers high performance online security for priority systems.

“Salicru’s SLC TWIN RT2 UPS range is a highly advanced continuity solution for the electrical protection of critical systems. It combines the most reliable double-conversion technology (AC/DC-DC/AC) on the market and boasts a unity output power factor (VA=W) to enable it to power systems with high energy requirements, while offering high operating efficiency.

The range of power ratings from 700 VA(W) to 3,000 VA(W), it comes in a 2U, convertible to tower format, with a swivel mount LCD display, according to the needs of the facility. Also available are solutions with an extra charger and additional battery modules for applications that require greater backup.

In terms of communications, it features an RS-232/USB interface compatible with HID protocol and a smart slot that can optionally hold an SNMP card, MODBUS or potential free contacts; also available are software packages for local or virtual monitoring and management of protected devices. Other outstanding features include: 50/60 or 60/50 Hz frequency converter, emergency stop (EPO), and programmable outputs for critical/non-critical loads.”

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Source : https://www.salicru.com/

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