Which access point for which need ?

It is sometimes difficult for companies to find their way among the many brands and models of WiFi access points. First of all, to help you to see more clearly, we present you in this article the Unifi range of WiFi access points and their different uses. Indeed, it is essential to choose an equipment adapted to the company and its needs. Moreover, to maximize the network performance and cover the whole area, the terminal must be in phase with its environment.

  • U6 Lite Access Point

This access point is designed for indoor areas. It can be fixed to the ceiling in an aesthetic way thanks to its clean design. We recommend this bollard for domestic use and for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • In-Wall HD Access Point

Very discreet, this type of terminal is simply plugged into an electrical outlet. It is recommended for establishments that must respect aesthetic codes such as hotels or museums. On the other hand, with a direct connection to the switch by ethernet cable, the connection is done quickly and efficiently.

  • Flex HD Access Point

Small, modern and powerful, this access point offers all companies and individuals the best aesthetic/performance ratio. Very adaptable, it can be installed on a wall, on the ceiling or simply placed on a support on a table. Moreover, the closer the user is to the terminal, the more powerful the connection.

  • Beacon Access Point

Ideal for extending the connection to multiple buildings and outdoor areas, the network extension terminal is perfectly suited for university campuses or large corporate headquarters. It is very easy to install as it only needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

  • WiFi XG Base Station

It is the most powerful AP. It is suitable for large places with a high concentration of people: convention centers, stadiums…


  • Bridge Access Point

This solution is designed to extend the network from one building to another. Two connected terminals form a powerful link. It is recommended for university campuses or nearby buildings. Moreover, they are quick and easy to install but require that nothing obstructs the link between the two terminals.

Our team advises you and accompanies you in the choice of your network solution. We perform a free audit on site or remotely to guide you to the best choice. Contact us.

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