What are the benefits of RFID in retail?

What is behind the acronym RFID? “Radio Frequency Identification” is a technology that has proven its worth in the retail sector for several years now. It allows to memorize, store and record data on a support and to recover them remotely. If all retail sectors adopt it, it is for the major strategic asset it brings them.

How does it work?

This technology uses radio frequency radiation to identify equipped products when they pass near a sensor. Most often in commerce, RFID takes the form of a chip with an antenna embedded in a label. It can be sewn onto the seams or placed directly inside the product during its design.

What use is it in stores?

RFID offers a multitude of advantages to the retail industry. First of all, it allows to take advantage of a complete traceability of the product from its manufacture to its sale. The chip integrates each product from its production. During the entire logistical process prior to its purchase, it can be tracked thanks to the identifications at each stage: manufacturing, shipping, storage, distribution and sale.

On the other hand, RFID allows stores to optimize their inventory management. Indeed, the identification of the products is done in a simple and fast way as of their reception. Stock-outs are reduced thanks to the precise supply made possible by the instantaneous data offered by the technology. Inventories are quick. This allows staff to focus on customer service and maximize sales. RFID saves teams a lot of time.

The customer experience is greatly improved in stores that have adopted RFID. Time savings and smoother checkout are the primary benefits. In addition, during the checkout process, the anti-theft device is automatically deactivated.

RFID has many years ahead of it, with developments that will continue to benefit consumers: real time fitting simulation, consultation of stocks directly in the booth…

RFID keeps proving itself

The return on investment of RFID exploitation for retailers is very important. The favorite sports brand of the French has understood it well. Indeed, Decathlon is a pioneer in this field. Time savings, staff reductions, improved customer experience, analysis of in-store product behavior: the list of benefits is long.

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