West Info embarks on the Vendée Globe with Benjamin Dutreux and the Water Family

For a year now, Romuald Tuffery and his team have been closely monitoring the sports performance and educational projects of the Team Water Family. Four months before the Vendée Globe, let’s take a look back at this wonderful story.

At the beginning of 2019, the manager of West Info meets the Vendée skipper and entrepreneur Benjamin Dutreux. The current immediately passes between the two men, who set out on ambitious plans. Benjamin, with the Vendée Globe 2020 in his sights, was looking to set up a sporting project that makes sense. Romuald, for his part, immediately saw the potential of the sailor and his project. He then decides to take part in the adventure by becoming a sponsor and patron. Romuald and his team also offer to put their IT skills at the service of the Team by equipping the Imoca 60 ’with equipment adapted to the constraints of such an environment (screen and waterproof peripherals).

Who is Benjamin Dutreux?

After four seasons on the Figaro Bénéteau circuit concluded with a 5th place on the legendary Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro in 2018, the Vendée skipper is heading for the Vendée Globe 2020. At the same time, he manages the company Eole Performance created at the end of 2017, specializing in the refit and customization of boats. In 2019 he took the helm of the former IMOCA 60 ’Hugo Boss, who came third in the 2012/2013 edition with the renowned Alex Thomson. At the head of his team, Benjamin is leading a sports and educational project with the Water Family to add meaning to his adventure. Putting sport at the service of the environment is essential for the young Vendée, very concerned about the future of our planet.

What is the Water Family?

Association of general interest whose educational program Water Responsible is recognized by the Ministry of National Education, La Water Family – du Flocon à la Vague has been educating and raising awareness, for 10 years, about the preservation of water and health and that of the planet by promoting good practices and responsible consumption.

The heart of the message is virtual or indirect water: this water that we consume and pollute without knowing it every day through our food, our objects and our actions.

His credo? Act at the source! At the source because water is the raw material for all our consumer goods. And at the source because its priority action targets the younger generations, education being the key to lasting change in society.

In 2019, the Water Family brings together more than 150 ambassadors, 1,000 professionals and 20,000 young people sensitized per year in schools and at events. She wants to bring together all those who take action and want to take action for tomorrow. Because together everything is possible!

What is the link with West Info?

Being a partner in a sports project and being a local leader makes a lot of sense for a company like West Info. Not only does this project offer unprecedented visibility, but it is also the opportunity for the team to unite around a common project and to support our boat in the various races! Our relationship with the Water Family also allows us to work on a key question: how to reduce the ecological impact of our business, in particular through the reconditioning of equipment. Our project ? Recover old equipment from our customers to supply it to schools in the region after reconditioning. Together, anything is possible !

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