Use a corporate password manager

The teleworker’s guide
Passwords, these codes that are supposed to ensure the security of access to your data and your accounts on different sites are of paramount importance. To be effective, they must be complex, made up of a series of numbers, letters and special characters, but above all they must be different from one site to another.
In 2020, a user has an average of 200 different accounts, and this keeps increasing every day. It is therefore impossible to remember them all, which is why users favor simplicity to the detriment of security: same password on a multitude of sites, simple combinations.

In business, the problem is the same, but data security is more important. Solutions exist to facilitate the daily life of teams while ensuring the security of company data. These solutions are all the more topical in this period when teleworking predominates and where data sharing must be facilitated but also secure.

  • What is a password manager?

This software allows you to store all your usernames and passwords, and to protect them with a single master password. As soon as you log into an account or create a new one, the software prompts you to save the login information. It can also automatically generate an effective password.

  • What are the advantages for a company?

This type of software has password sharing functionality. Very useful in business, it allows you to create a folder shared between several people. This functionality is becoming essential in the age of telecommuting. In fact, it secures company data, offers remote employees easy access to the resources they need. Also, it’s important to note that you can grant and revoke their access whenever you want. Thus, your employees will all be able to connect to with the same identifiers without having to consult and share passwords by message or email, which would increase the risk of hacking.

On the other hand, your employees will have access to their passwords on all their devices: PC, laptop, tablet and mobile. On each of these devices, connections are also very secured.

  • Which password manager to choose?

At West-Info, we have tested the Last pass software for you. Easy to use and with a multitude of features, we have used it daily for our teams for several years and recommend it to all our customers. Last Pass offers offers tailored to the needs of each company, regardless of its activity and size.

  • Can you trust a password manager?

Storing all of your passwords in one place on online software raises questions of natural reliability and security. Zero risk does not exist, however, the information is encrypted on the user side and the encryption key that allows access to your data depends on the master password you set. In summary, nothing that is routed to the Password Manager servers is usable. It is the most secure way to store your passwords today. In addition, software like Last Pass offers enhanced means of connection, including multi-factor identification.

Do you need help in choosing your tools and in adapting your business to the issues of teleworking or multi-site work? Our teams are at your disposal, contact us!

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