Simplify your exchanges with la Vitre

The future is human: in the current context, it is more important than ever to promote exchanges while taking into account the transformations that surround us, whether they are economic, organizational, health or ecological. La Vitre is an innovative solution that erases distances and gives the possibility of communicating in an absolutely natural and fluid way.

Thanks to this technology, you will be able to get closer to those who are far away:

  • Call your colleagues a knock-knock: with a simple knock, call out, ask a question or have a coffee …
  • Share your screens live as you chat.
  • Exchange in the language of your choice: more than 30 languages ​​are available for instant translation. Speak and the other person will be able to read your words in their own language.
  • Brainstorm your ideas and projects: annotate or write directly on the screen.
  • Make informal points, meetings …
  • Share a coffee break
  • Remain invisible at all times: everyone can decide to be quiet as if they were closing a blind.

Companies, hospitals, retirement home, this solution was developed for you, to facilitate your daily life and improve your working conditions! Thanks to La Vitre, you can carry out meetings, medical consultations or even visit your grandparents without moving!

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