Reconditioned computer equipment: advantages and disadvantages

Reconditioned computer equipment: advantages and disadvantages

Choosing your computer equipment can be a difficult task. In the course of your reflection, you may be led to ask yourself the question of choosing a refurbished computer. Whether you are an association, a school or a private individual, it can be a choice that combines economy and quality.

What are the advantages of a refurbished computer?

  • Value for money

First of all, the first advantage of choosing a refurbished PC is the fact that you can benefit from a high-performance machine at an unbeatable price. Indeed, it is possible to find very powerful professional computers that have been reconditioned. Thus, its price will be greatly reduced compared to its new value.

  • A good ecological alternative

The manufacture of a computer is very polluting: it requires a large quantity of water (35,000 litres of water per computer), energy and the extraction of rare materials. Choosing a refurbished computer is a coherent alternative because it involves less consumption of resources, less pollution and less toxic waste.

  • Guaranteed by the actor who carried out the refurbishment

At West Info, refurbished PCs are guaranteed for up to two years. Some brands recondition their own computers, such as Lenovo or Apple. All the components of the machine are tested and replaced if necessary. This ensures that the machine is safe and as new in perfect working order. The reliability of the hardware is then maximised.

  • For all audiences: ideal for schools, associations and private individuals

The choice of reconditioned computer equipment is ideal for schools and associations. Indeed, it allows you to take advantage of high-performance and professional computers at a lower cost. Private individuals also find it advantageous to turn to this type of solution.

  • Numerous references

Most refurbished PCs are a few years old. This can allow them to adapt to peripherals and software that require older operating systems.

What are the disadvantages of a reconditioned PC?

  • Not latest generation

However, it is rare to find reconditioned new generation machines. Most of the time they are old models. It is important to ensure that they are not already obsolete.

  • Longer warranty on new

The warranty when you choose a new machine is often longer than on a reconditioned machine.

  • More choice

The diversity of new computers on the market is very large and offers a wide choice. Conversely, the choice of refurbished machines is less important.

  • Traces of use

Despite a complete overhaul of the machine, it is possible that the machine may show signs of use: scratches, marks, wear and tear. However, it is important to point out that these defects are only aesthetic and that the teams who carried out the reconditioning checked that they did not affect the computer’s performance.

West Info’s plusses

At West Info, all refurbished computers are prepared and software such as the Microsoft Office suite is pre-installed. Our refurbished products include surplus products from cancelled orders, demo models and products with damaged original packaging. Each product undergoes rigorous quality testing and any parts that are not used in accordance with our high quality standards will be replaced. Once inspected, the products are ready to enter the market as refurbished, in terms of functionality, quality and performance.

Are you a company and would like to replace your IT equipment with new equipment? Are you concerned about your environmental footprint and the future of your old equipment? Or are you a school/association that needs to equip itself with high-performance equipment at an attractive price? We are at your disposal, contact us!

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