Mobility solutions: a major challenge for companies

A real strategic issue, IT mobility is more than ever at the heart of companies’ concerns. As a performance driver, it is appreciated by all and for many reasons. At a time when teams are regularly changing location, particularly with the rise of teleworking, having quality mobility solutions is essential.

While some mobile professions such as mobile salesmen have always required mobile solutions, today other professions are concerned. Mobility makes easier collaboration around a common work platform. Combined with an appropriate digital solution, it is a real boost for the business.

Mobility at the service of the sales force

The first actors in the company to depend on IT mobility are the mobile salesmen. In order to carry out their missions, they must have real-time access to the information and tools they need. The connection to the remote network is necessary to be able to inform the customer about deadlines, availability, project progress or invoicing. This information, combined with appropriate applications and tools, gives them the tools to close sales. Mobility solutions have a strong impact on their users’ results. With efficient tools, sales representatives can more easily exceed their objectives. Customer relations are optimised.
Let’s take the example of a mobile salesperson: he or she needs transportable, reliable and fast tools. We have selected devices with long-lasting batteries that meet all their needs:
– Note-taking tool
– Stylus and digital signature application
– Customer demonstration and projection tools
All these solutions must guarantee the best security for data: essential in case of theft or hacking.

Mobility connected to your ERP

It is not only mobile staff who can benefit from mobile solutions. ERP mobility has become indispensable. The organisation of work has been revolutionised by this digital transformation. Collaboration and the easy distribution of information must be at the service of all levels of the company. Indeed, with the rise – sometimes forced – of teleworking, it is necessary for all players to be able to access the information and up-to-date documents they need from anywhere. On the other hand, an efficient ERP system facilitates the daily work of the teams and thus increases their productivity. Administrative tasks such as the edition of quotes, invoices and delivery notes are fast and fluid, avoiding numerous transcription errors. Finally, this type of software allows the company’s statistics to be monitored in real time and its results to be analysed. It is then possible to understand them well in order to improve them.

Mobility solutions adapted to its activity

Mobility solutions must be agile. Thus, it is possible to adapt them perfectly to the activity and to make them evolve at the same pace as the company. Before choosing a solution, it is essential to draw up precise specifications of its needs and constraints. If the collaborative tools and software must be adapted, so must the peripherals. Indeed, whether it is a question of laptops, tablets or any other equipment, the needs will differ from one business to another. We select the best devices, whether they are light and stylish or rugged and resistant to extreme conditions, to follow their users on a daily basis.

Mobility must be secure

Offering mobile solutions to your employees actually increases the number of devices that have remote access to the company’s network. As a result, this can be a real gateway for malicious people, especially in the case of theft. It is very important to protect these devices from hacking that could compromise data. All our solutions come with a reliable and efficient security system that will protect the company’s servers in all circumstances.

Our experts will support and advise you in the implementation of new IT solutions or their optimisation in your company. Contact us for more information.

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