Make your teams’ daily life easier with Microsoft Teams


In the current context, having high-performance intra-company communication tools that are adapted to your business and simple to use for all employees is essential. In the previous weeks, we presented the Fuze platform, the advantages of Google Drive and the benefits of a password manager such as Lastpass. Today, we talk to you about the Microsoft Teams application.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool suitable for personal, school or professional use. Numerous functionalities make it possible to simplify the exchanges between everyone, to organise and optimise work. What are the advantages of this application, which has already been adopted by more than 330,000 companies worldwide?

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime, on all devices

In a context where teleworking is omnipresent, access to this application from anywhere and at any time is essential. Microsoft Teams follows you wherever you go and is accessible from all your peripherals: PC, tablet and smartphone. As a result, wherever you are, you stay in the loop and don’t miss any information.

  • Structured and simplified exchanges

Thanks to Microsoft Teams, no more documents and informations lost in the middle of hundreds of emails. Indeed, the organisation in teams makes it possible to distinguish each project. Thus, in a few seconds you will find the documents or information on the subject on the defined channel. In addition, Microsoft Teams offers multiple means of communication: chat, videoconferencing, voice calls. You will be able to contact your colleagues or people outside the company simply, without leaving the application.

  • Collaborative meetings

Tedious to prepare and not always easy to organise remotely: scheduling a meeting can quickly turn into a headache. On Microsoft Teams, “Meeting”, a space dedicated to meetings, will simplify your task and make your meetings more productive. Indeed, this module allows you to gather all the information and exchanges about the meeting: documents, agenda, comments, guest list and even everyone’s agenda. During the meeting, several tools such as instant discussion, collaborative whiteboard and screen sharing facilitate exchanges. Whether before, during or after the meeting, the application’s numerous features allow all stakeholders to access important information.

  • Collaborative documents with integrated Office 365

On the other hand, thanks to the integration of Office 365 tools, co-editing documents has never been easier. Create a Word document, complete an Excel spreadsheet or correct a Power Point presentation without even leaving Microsoft Teams. Instant synchronisation allows teams to work together on the same documents. The document is always up to date, so there’s no more risk of mixing brushes in different versions. Co-editing becomes child’s play.

  • Your data remains safe and secure

Finally, the issue of document sharing immediately raises a problem of data security. Microsoft Teams benefits from the same level of security as Microsoft Office 365. All data is encrypted and the application ensures that its tool complies with the HIPAA law and all data regulations (RGPD in particular).

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