How to successfully deploy IT?

The keys to successful IT deployment

Regardless of the size of the company, the deployment of a new computer system or software is an event that can be complex and requires special skills. What are the keys to a successful operation? The West-Info team, specialists in large-scale deployments, is here to help you!

  • Precise specifications

First of all, it is essential for the company to draw up precise specifications. This must identify its needs and constraints: whether they are technical, budgetary or geographical. In this way, all aspects can be taken into account in the choice of solution.

  • Receive advice and support

Secondly, one of the keys to success lies in advice and support. The IT service provider who is commissioned for the project must have experts who are able to guide and advise its client. Thanks to this expertise, the client will have all the keys in hand to choose the solution best suited to his needs. At West-Info, a dedicated project manager is assigned to each deployment project. Integrated, he ensures better coordination and supervises the project as a whole. In addition, the project manager ensures the quality of the service provided.

  • Intelligent planning

On the other hand, it is of paramount importance that the planning of the installations is adapted to the company’s constraints. Indeed, for efficient and productive deployment, planning must be agile and adapt to the functioning of the points to be equipped. In this way, the installation can be carried out serenely without paralysing the activity.

  • Preparing the equipment upstream

In addition, to ensure an efficient installation with no unpleasant surprises, the preparation of the new material must be carried out beforehand. Thus, the machines will be operational immediately after their installation. For the example of a computer deployment, since all the software is already installed, a precious time saving is guaranteed. Thanks to our large storage capacity, we are able to receive and prepare a large quantity of material simultaneously.

  • Qualified technicians

Furthermore, as each company is different, it is important that the technicians are specially trained in the particularities of the project. This is especially true for large-scale deployments. At West-Info, we make sure that the technicians chosen for the project have all the keys in hand to carry out the installations in the best conditions. To do this, they follow “pilot” training courses at the beginning of the project.

  • Being able to follow the progress in real time

Whether for the client or for the service provider, it is important to always have an overview of the progress of the interventions. At West-Info, we have high-performance tools that allow us to follow the progress of interventions in real time. Thanks to Synchroteam, the project manager, the field technician and the customer have a transparent and detailed view of the realisation of the installation or maintenance operation.

  • The maintenance service

IT is the cornerstone of a company’s performance. The larger the company, the more decisive is the use of technology, as all functions of the company are involved. In the event of a breakdown or malfunction, its entire balance is disturbed. This can go as far as total paralysis of the activity. This is why it is absolutely essential to benefit from an efficient and responsive after-sales and maintenance service. At West-Info, our support service is available every day to answer your questions. Our technicians can intervene in less than 4 hours anywhere in Europe.

  • Confidence

Finally, the final key to successful deployment on both a small and large scale is trust. It is essential between the service provider and the client company. The project manager at West-Info maintains a privileged relationship with the internal project managers. In this way, exchanges are facilitated, transparency is ensured and we have all the keys in hand to offer the best service.

West-Info offers its services to companies throughout Europe. Are you looking for a service provider for a multi-site IT deployment? Please contact us!


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