How to clean a Mac from inside?

A few days ago we gave you some tips on how to clean your Windows computer, but what about Mac ? Follow the guide!

1- Remove unnecessary applications ♻

First, remove the applications that are no longer useful to you, including those available as standard with Mac (GarageBand, iMovie…). They take up space and there is no reasons saving them if you are not using them. If you are not completely sure that you no longer need them, make sure you will be able to reinstall them in the future … Go to the “Applications” folder then drag and drop the unnecessary applications into the recycle bin at the bottom right of your screen.

2- Archive your files 🗂

When you start to store a lot of files, consider archiving the ones you no longer need. Nothing could be simpler, right-click on the desired folder or file then “Create an archive of (your file)” or “Compress (your file)”. Then move it to an external storage medium to free up space on the PC (USB key, external hard drive).

3- Delete your old IOS backups 🧹

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the device performs an automatic backup when you plug it in, your old backups no longer serve you. To delete them: go to Finder> Library> Application Support> MobileSync> Backup folder. Then delete all your old backups (be sure to keep the most recent of course), also remember to empty the recycle bin.

4- Regularly empty certain folders 📁

Often forgotten, the “Downloads”, “Video” and “Music” folders sometimes contain files that you no longer need, remember to sometimes take a look to clean up !!

4- Dusting 🧽

For dusting, same protocol as for all PCs, find the tip in the article dedicated to cleaning PCs here!


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