How to clean a computer from inside?

Today, we give you tips to your computer. From simple cleaning to tips for managing your mailbox, follow these tips to find a responsive and efficient PC!

1 – Clean up

Whatever you do on your computer, files are created with each operation. If you don’t clean up these files, you will come across, your computer will become increasingly sluggish. Our advice: use the Windows cleaning function! In the search bar at the bottom left, type “cleaning” and click on “disk cleaning”. Leave the default “C:” drive and run the scan. Once completed, check all the boxes and click “clean”. Warning, this operation will permanently delete the content of your recycle bin, remember to check it carefully before validating!

2 – Have a good antivirus 🛡

The bane of modern computing is of course the virus. In a few minutes you can lose absolutely everything! Our advice: have a good antivirus! This will protect you against external attacks and will secure your important files such as “my documents” or “my images”. We recommend the services of F-Secure, which has convinced us for years, whether for your servers or your computer parks.

3 – Watch out for emails 📧

Many users open emails from unknown sources, this is the best way to get tricked! If you spot a strange email, don’t open it, delete it! Your computer will thank you for it.

4 – Update 🔄

They are frequent but essential! They fix system security holes that bad guys use to hack your computer. Check regularly for updates using “Windows Update” which you can find directly by typing in the search bar at the bottom left of your screen.

5 – Dusting

Don’t use a sponge to clean your computer! A build-up of dust can cause poor performance due to overheating. Prefer the occasional use of a compressed air bomb, only on a machine switched off.

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