Help, I spilled some liquid on my laptop!

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« Help, I spilled some liquid on my laptop! »


Today, Rodolphe our technical director tackles a subject that may have already concerned you or which will unfortunately probably concern you one day! Either way, keep these little tips toasty warm at any time if you … spill your coffee on your computer keyboard! Who has never – failed – to spill their coffee, chocolate, water bottle or any other liquid on their PC? What to do ?


  1. Shut down the computer immediately to limit damage. To do this, use the Power button directly and not the procedure using the menu.

  2. Disconnect all power sources such as the power cord, the charger and then all external devices such as USB keys, hard disks, etc. So you will preserve these elements in the event of an electrical problem related to the liquid.

  3. Wipe what you can with absorbent paper or microfiber cloth. Working gently, the surface liquid should be absorbed.

  4. Turn your computer over to facilitate the flow of the liquid, put some paper towels underneath. Leave the PC alone for 1 hour. It is important to handle it gently and with attention to prevent it from falling. A little patience will be necessary …

  5. Use a hair dryer at the keyboard, be careful not to bring it too close or risk melting the keys. Take regular breaks.

  6. Finally, be patient. We recommend that you leave your computer off for 24 hours before turning it back on and testing it gently but surely.

  7. If, despite this procedure, your computer does not show any signs of life, contact us. We will do our best to repair your precious equipment.

Last advice: the best way to preserve your equipment is obviously to avoid this kind of incident, so keep any source of liquid well away from your laptop or your electronic devices in general! Choose water bottles with sports mouths and travel cups or mugs with a lid. In case of clumsiness, your equipment will have a better chance of being spared!

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