Google drive : an asset for business and teleworking

The teleworker’s guide
Current events require companies and workers to be agile, and to adapt quickly to new working conditions: in particular teleworking. Many solutions and tools exist to facilitate the daily life of remote workers and ensure their productivity. West-Info gives you the keys to a successful adaptation with the teleworker guide!

First of all, one of the first steps in enabling everyone to telework effectively is to ensure access to the files that are used daily. With Google Drive, nothing could be simpler, here are some key points about this application:

  • No more space problem

Whatever the amount of data you store, Google offers ranging from 30GB to 5TB, it is even possible to take an option “unlimited storage”. No need to worry about the space occupied by your data. In addition, the Google infrastructure is extremely reliable, so even in the event of a failure, your data will be safe and accessible at all times.

  • Your data synchronized on all your devices

Google Drive syncs your files across all types of devices. Whether smartphones or tablets, users can access their resources on any device as long as their account is logged in. An essential point in the current context where flexibility is essential.

  • Collaborative files

Do you need to share files with your collaborators? Google Drive lets you manage everyone’s rights to your documents. Indeed, add your collaborators as editors or simply readers of your files according to your needs. You can even dedicate storage space for your team, which will allow your employees to exchange their resources in a simple, imediate and intuitive way!

  • A very secure backup

Moreover, you can use Google Drive as a backup destination for your corporate data. This allows you to outsource sensitive and critical data outside of the enterprise. In the event of a fire or theft, you will still be able to access it. What about security? This system is very secure, your data is stored in ultra secure and encrypted centers.

  • An application integrated into your desktop

Finally, on a daily basis, the Google Drive File Stream application makes it easy for you to work. Once installed, it looks like this:

From your file explorer, you have direct access to your Drive which is on the internet. In addition, the folders and files that you create here will automatically be reflected in the Google drive. To find out, just look at the folder icon, when a cloud appears it means your folder is synchronized!

In conclusion, this simple, efficient and secure application is ideal for companies where employees are required to work remotely. Would you like more information on this? We are at your service.

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