Digital signage: the strategy of hotels

Digital signage has become an integral part of the marketing strategy of hotels. As an eye-catcher, it boosts communication and the company’s image. It is a quick and easy solution to implement and it pays off.

The TV screens in the rooms can be connected to display various information such as the weather, points of interest and the agenda of nearby events, the restaurant menu or current offers. Not only do they encourage guests to consume more services, but they also enhance the guest experience.

Promote events in real time

Digital signage is ideal for informing guests about events and local news. With televisions, hotels can provide dates and times of events. It is also a great way to promote the event. Photos and videos can be used to motivate guests to attend.

Saves considerable time for the team

Digital signage can also be used to guide customers. They can find their way around the restaurant more easily. The restaurant’s opening hours can be displayed. This system can also be used to provide visitors with advice on the various room facilities: air conditioning, heating, etc. On the other hand, these screens are a way for the management to facilitate the daily life of the team.

Animation of digital platforms

Digital signage can encourage guests to like the hotel’s page and interact with its posts. It can also convince them to leave reviews on social networks. The Facebook page or specialised sites (such as TripAdvisor) will be promoted.

Digital weather display

When customers are on holiday or on a short business trip, the weather is of interest. By using digital weather feeds, hotels can display the weather forecast. This information is automatically updated from the digital signage platform so that your guests can plan their stay accordingly.

Enhance the service offer

Parking, wifi, prices, restaurants, events… Promote all your services on your digital signage and let your customers discover the extent of your offers.

By harnessing the power of modern digital signage, you can display your daily event schedules directly from your own calendar system.

Hotels can easily increase their internal revenue by promoting their services, facilities, shows, restaurants and bars on their screens. This way, they generate more sales by publishing special offers and discounts and easily increase customer engagement. Revenues can also be boosted by selling advertising space on your screens to local businesses.

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