Digital signage: a must for real estate agencies

If the real estate industry is constantly reinventing itself, one thing remains very topical: the display of mandates in the window! The presentation posters have to worry about the dynamic display screens. Moreover, why agencies have every interest in adopting digital signage?

It’s selling

Digital signage makes your shop window attractive. Indeed, the diffusion of your messages in continuous window allows to stand out and to attract the eye of the customers. The relevance of the scrolling information increases your chances of seeing a future client walk through the door of your agency.

It’s always up to date

Real estate professionals, sellers and buyers know that everything moves fast in the market. Properties are put up for sale and sometimes sold within half a day. It is therefore essential to keep the mandates displayed in the window up to date, which is not always easy. Thanks to digital signage, nothing could be easier. A few clicks are enough to add, modify and delete information. Thus, many false joys are avoided for your customers.

To share multiple information

Photographs, information on advertisements, news, exclusivities can be highlighted successively on different screens of all sizes. You can also post your latest offers, sold properties, tips or upcoming events. Videos of virtual visits can also be displayed.

At any time

The screens can run continuously 7 days a week and 24 hours a day so that no customer is missed. With digital signage, you give the image of a dynamic, efficient and modern agency! It has been proven that having a dynamic window display increases the number of visits to the agency by up to 40%.

Digital signage has proven its worth in many sectors such as health, catering and commerce. Today’s communication tool, it offers a new experience to your target. Its potential is important as it improves attractiveness and differentiation from other agencies and competitors in the sector (e.g. internet). Owners are in favour of promoting their property on these screens and buyers are also interested. Why not?

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