Roomz, the solution to manage your workspaces efficiently

Is finding a free meeting space in your company always a headache? Do your employees waste time every day managing these logistical aspects? Roomz is a smart solution that allows your staff to focus on their core business by optimizing the management of your workspaces.

Thanks to its quick and easy integration, Roomz is the ideal solution for managing flexible working environments. It optimises the use of shared spaces such as meeting rooms and improves the efficiency of everyone’s work.

Optimise the use of your meeting rooms

  • Book an available room instantly, right on the screen.
  • No more ghost meetings: reserved but unused spaces generating costs and frustration are automatically freed up by Roomz intelligence.
  • Roomz analysis tools allow you to interpret and use meeting spaces optimally by collecting occupancy data.

The right solution for all your workspaces

  • The floor plans associated with your workspaces (Meeting rooms, Huddle spaces, Shared desks and Flex Offices) make managing the buildings easy. Once they have been configured, they can be viewed on your Smart TVs or on the myRoomz software.
  • Unreserved spaces such as phone bubbles, small rooms for two people or open spaces ideal for brainstorming sessions become easily identifiable. In addition, Roomz Analytics collects actionable data to adjust the number of spaces if needed.
  • The myRoomz software gives all your employees access to the space reservation platform. Extremely simple to deploy, it is up and running for everyone in minutes.
  • In this period of alternation between telework and face-to-face work, Roomz allows you to organise the return of your teams to the office in complete serenity and in respect of barrier gestures.

Optimize the use of your classrooms, seminar and meeting rooms

  • Roomz has developed a solution made to fit the educational system. The management of spaces in the school and student environment is an essential element in their daily life. Indeed, a fluid management of the latter ensures the satisfaction of students and faculty.
  • Group work requires suitable spaces, and it is sometimes difficult for students to find a place. Now, thanks to the Roomz screens, they know if the space is occupied or free and until when.
  • No more paper schedules! Thanks to digital technology, they are available directly on the screens and are updated in real time.
  • School, college, university, business school, whatever the size of the infrastructure, Roomz will adapt to the environment.

Roomz is a simple and effective solution that will make your daily life and these of your teams easier. West Info’s experts will advise and assist you in the choice of your IT solutions. Contact us for more information.


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