Why carry out a network audit?

Network audit: an essential step

The network is the cornerstone of all the company’s services. Its performance immediately affects the working conditions of all employees and therefore the company’s results. Each company has unique needs, which is why, in order to adopt the best technological solutions, it is necessary to carry out a study before its implementation. In the case of the network, it is essential to carry out a complete audit.

Why carry out an audit?

The audit will define the needs and constraints of the company, and in particular of the place to be equipped. Indeed, each activity has its own needs. Industry, retailer or any other professional activity, each business has its own specificities, and the IT tool must adapt to them. Whether it is for stock management, flow control (entry and exit of people or goods), labelling, collection, electronic payment, telephony, VOIP, PDA or other, it is necessary to adapt the network to certain technical requirements.

What are the elements of the study?

The audit takes place in two parts. Firstly, the expert study existing equipment and the shortcomings it may have. As the network is the gateway for potential hackers, its security must not be neglected.

They then check each point from the Internet access solution(s) to the user. The second part can be carried out on a plan and during a pre-visit: this is the WI-FI audit. The experts check the nature and number of devices connected to the network. They then go through the technical characteristics of the premises with a fine-tooth comb. The thickness and composition of the walls are important, as are the cable trays and the surface area to be covered. This information makes it possible to determine precisely which bollards will be the most suitable, their quantity and finally their position.

What solutions exist?

Finally, there are a multitude of network solutions available today. We have selected two solutions in particular for our customers, both with “Cloud” access to simplify configuration and the management of equipment and flows. Much more than just supplying equipment. Our experts carry out an audit of your needs to provide you with advice, Contact us.


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